The Zero Emissions Vehicle Mandate – What Impact Could This Have For Fleets?

The Zero Emissions Vehicle Mandate – What Impact Could This Have For Fleets?

As the Government continues to implement its Net Zero Strategy to tackle climate change, there are numerous Government schemes being set up to assist businesses in reaching the UK goal of net zero by 2050. In addition to the numerous low emission zones already in place across the UK, the Government has published the critical […]

Dawsongroup vans Sponsors the London Construction Awards 2023

LCA Awards Evening - Sponsor

On Friday 22nd September 2023, Dawsongroup vans attended the prestigious London Construction Awards 2023 at the Novotel London West in Hammersmith. The London Construction Awards celebrates the major achievements, developments, and innovations across the UK’s construction industry. As a business that supports UK construction companies in achieving their carbon reduction plans through our Smarter Asset […]

EV Maintenance Help Sheet

Drivers & Valeters

In addition to cheaper running costs and being more environmentally friendly than internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles, another huge benefit of electric vehicles (EVs) are they are generally easier and cheaper to maintain due to having fewer moving parts than ICEs. A recent study found that service and maintenance costs can be up to 23% […]

Behind the Scenes: The South Heads of Sales and Operations

Dave and Anita

The last decade has been a time of impressive growth for Dawsongroup vans and nowhere has this been more apparent than in the South region. Anita Samuelson, Head of Operations for the South, and Dave Collins, Head of Sales for the South, have had a front row seat to this development, combining their years of […]

J Brand

Connecting the Need for Flexibility and Reliability for J Brand

Flying Solutions for Bird & Pest Worx

Bird & Pest Worx partnered with Dawsongroup’s Smarter Asset Strategy to provide a service with a unique approach to pest control – using birds of prey.

Vans’ Hybrid Solution for UCS Technologies

Vans’ Hybrid Solution for UCS Technologies 1

UCS Technologies is an industry leader in IT infrastructure with a focus on sustainable energy. They install data and communication systems in hospitals, university campuses and offices all over the UK, ensuring their customers have modern, secure and reliable technology.

Tom Willoughby

Helping Build the Foundations for Tom Willoughby’s Electric Van Transition

Tom Willoughby was formed back in 1896 and is one of the most successful privately owned construction companies in the Northeast.

The Ultimate Guide to Electric Van Charging

Charging Guide - How to charge electric vehicles

One of the most common concerns about electric vehicles (EVs) is how to charge the vehicle, which is often referred to as “charge anxiety” and “range anxiety”. Many businesses currently do not feel comfortable moving over to electric vans due to the lack of knowledge around what mileage the electric vans can achieve before needing […]

The Zero Emissions Vehicle Mandate – What Impact Could This Have For Fleets?