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We offer a detailed, easy to use telematics offering with all our vehicles to help customers manage their fleet more efficiently and effectively.

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Discover the full power of your fleet

Telematics is a crucial part of any fast-growing fleet. Our sophisticated Dawsontrac 2.0 telematics provides you with all the critical insights needed to ensure your fleet is operating at maximum efficiency.

Powered by the world’s #1 commercial fleet telematics provider, Geotab, our telematics solution offers you all the data needed to increase productivity from one easy-to-use, centralised platform.

From analysing vehicle trips and driver behaviour, to planning ahead for servicing and maintenance, our telematics solution provides you with all of the data needed to increase productivity.

Take total control of your fleet – anytime, anywhere

Telematics is so much more than just tracking your vehicles. Dawsontrac 2.0 can help transform your fleet operations. It will help combat rising fleet costs, protect your drivers, increase your fleet’s health, enhance productivity, and support your fleet as you transition to an electric fleet.

Improved vehicle & driver safety

By accessing your fleet’s trip history and fuel consumption data, as well as numerous other driver behaviour reports, you will be able to identify any inefficiencies within your fleet before they become costly.

Maximised fleet uptime

From being able to perform EV suitability assessments and detailed CO2 reporting on your current ICE fleet, to providing all of the key metrics required for measuring the performance of your EV fleet, Dawsontrac 2.0 plays a vital role when it comes to decarbonising your fleet.

Identify operational inefficiencies

The ability to discover and create alerts for vehicle faults will help ensure your fleet remains safe, compliant, and on the road earning you money.

Mapping out your decarbonisation journey

With an extensive range of reports, which can be run and displayed through easy to digest dashboards.

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