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Flying Solutions for Bird & Pest Worx

Flying Solutions for Bird & Pest Worx

Bird & Pest Worx was a company born out of covid. Starting within a month of lockdown, they worked through the pandemic as they were considered key workers. They partnered with Dawsongroup’s Smarter Asset Strategy to provide a service with a unique approach to pest control – using birds of prey. Bird & Pest Worx utilises a complex method that works extremely well due to the intelligence of the birds, meaning they can use a humane solution for a variety of different companies and situations. They work with roof nets, spikes, falconry teams and all things pest control which solve a range of different issues without causing complications such as cross contamination in food industries or damage to buildings.

The company began with Ropeworx UK, which started six years ago as a rope access company specialising in abseiling, window cleaning, cladding and anything else requiring a rope team and access. They branched out to Cleanworx in June 2020, offering a specialist cleaning service specifically targeting new buildings, followed by Bird & Pest Worx at the beginning of lockdown. Kevin Marshall, Managing Director of Ropeworx UK, and Steve Owen, Managing Director of Bird & Pest Worx, worked together to share jobs across the breadth of the company. Dawsongroup has a good understanding of how they operate as we are also made up of multiple business units working together towards an ultimate goal. We initially set up contracts with Ropeworx UK and as the company developed so did our relationship through providing solutions to them, utilising our Smarter Asset Strategy, and enabling Bird & Pest Worx to futureproof operations using our expertise, service and support.

Dawsongroup offers bespoke livery options flexible to the requirements of each individual business. Bird & Pest Worx prefer to have their vans plain white for the discretion of their customers, whilst Ropeworx UK has a design specific to their business. The roofs of their vans are liveried with ‘If you’re reading this, we’re probably outside your window’.

Flexible Solutions

“Dawsongroup provided a total solution for our needs by supplying vehicles, service and breakdown assistance. This contributes to our growth and ensures very little down time for our fleet, helping us help our customers on time.”

Steve Owen, Managing Director of Bird & Pest Worx

Supporting Future Growth

Another benefit of the solutions provided by Dawsongroup was better service for Bird & Pest Worx customers. By rapidly improving the process flow, customers received a shorter lead time for stock meaning they no longer had to wait for products to come into the store.

Our innovative solution ensures the most efficient use of space and enables Bird & Pest Worx to futureproof operations. The company was able to trial which vehicle best suited their operations with no risk to their capital.

Moving forward, Dawsongroup is excited to continue its relationship with Bird & Pest Worx as it grows and develops, becoming a one stop shop for all the solutions they may need. Utilising our Smarter Asset Strategy meant Bird & Pest Worx could worry less about the future and focus on expanding their businesses with minimal risk. Dawsongroup will continue to provide them with the solutions they need to succeed!

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