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Dawsongroup vans has extensive experience within the construction industry, helping optimise numerous construction companies’ fleet management.
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Building a scalable, sustainable fleet for construction companies

Most construction companies are likely to operate a fleet of vans when transporting equipment, materials and team members to and from jobs. Ensuring that the vehicles on fleet are cost-effective, reliable and suitable for the job in hand is crucial to a construction company’s success and getting projects finished on time and on budget.

Taking these factors into account, opting to rent vans through a company such as Dawsongroup vans is often seen as an attractive solution for construction fleet managers. The flexibility and scalability of not owning the vehicles, whilst also knowing any servicing and maintenance of the vehicles is managed by Dawsongroup vans, provides construction companies with the ability to accurately evaluate operational costs on a project-by-project basis.

The perfect solution for Construction fleets under one-roof.


Whether you are looking for a fixed term or flexible solution, our experts will work with you to identify and implement the perfect van hire solution for your specific business needs.


Our market-leading fleet of vehicles with an average age of 26 months will help increase fleet uptime and ensure your drivers are in a safe, compliant vehicle.


We pride ourselves on the unrivaled service we deliver to our customers. Our network of 13 strategically located branches allow us to offer 24/7 support for any planned or unplanned maintenance you may need.


Our ability to offer telematics software with all of our vehicles allows you to harness all of the vehicle data you need to make the best decisions for your fleet and, by extension, your business.

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