Supporting businesses journey to a net-zero fleet

Dawsongroup vans is perfectly positioned to help businesses navigate the journey to net zero and introduce electric vans into their fleets in an effective, risk-free manner.

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Redefining the Future of Urban Logistics - The ONO e-cargo bike

The secret to sustainable urban transportation

In an era where sustainability and efficiency are paramount, eCargo bikes have emerged as a revolutionary solution, redefining the landscape of last-mile logistics. eCargo bikes provide businesses with a host of benefits that extend far beyond conventional delivery methods. With zero emissions, reduced traffic congestion, and lower operating costs, eCargo bikes present a compelling alternative for urban and suburban transportation.

Dawsongroup vans are excited to introduce the truly unique ONO eCargo bike from ONOMOTION onto our fleet. Through our range of innovative finance solutions, companies will be able to trial and introduce eCargo bikes onto their fleet, with minimal risk or long term commitment.


Your Transition To Electric Vans Is In Safe Hands

It is no secret that the Government’s long-term plan is to transition to zero emissions transport. With transport accounting for approximately one fifth of global CO2 emissions, companies are coming under pressure to transition to cleaner vehicles such as electric vans.

Dawsongroup vans is committed to staying at the forefront of the shift towards net zero, providing customers with a complete solution for managing the transition to electric vans. In addition to providing a range of top-quality electric vehicles on fixed and flexible hire agreements, our dedicated team of experts will be on-hand to guide you through every phase on your net zero journey and recommend a sustainable, practical solution to suit your business needs.

Take our free EV readiness checklist tool today!

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Team Target Zero - Leading The Charge To Electrification

In order to be perfectly positioned to support our customers on this journey to a zero emissions fleet, we have set up a dedicated team of net zero advisors, Team Target Zero.

Team Target Zero assists customers and suppliers on their fleet’s journey by providing a consultative service on everything to do with the transition to net zero emissions in your fleet. From selecting the right alternative fuel and electric vehicles for your business to assessing your electric vehicle charging infrastructure and the impact the change will have on your wider operations, we will make sure that you understand all aspects of the transition and are equipped to make informed, practical decisions.

Your Electric Van Transition Toolkit

We understand that making the change to electric and alternative vehicles can be daunting for businesses. With so many factors to consider and often limited experience, it is easy to feel overwhelmed when selecting the best route into electric vehicle adoption. With this in mind, we have created a variety of helpful resources to equip businesses with the knowledge to make an informed decision when planning for electric vans.

EV Guide

All of the essential information around adopting electric vans onto your fleet.

EV Charging Guide

Providing some clarity for businesses around the reality of EV charging.

EV Drivers Guide

Top tips to help your drivers making the switch to driving electric vans.

EV Maintenance Help Sheet

We’ve answered many of the frequently asked questions about maintaining a fleet of electric vans.
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A total fleet decarbonisation solution

A comprehensive decarbonisation solution

Being part of Dawsongroup means we are able to offer a comprehensive solution for improving your company’s carbon reduction, in the most effective, risk-free way. In addition to being able to provide you with a fleet of quality electric vehicles, our Dawsongroup power solutions business unit offers a range of renewable energy solutions, to help reduce your carbon emissions and create a robust EV charging infrastructure for the future.

The Zero Emissions Vehicle Mandate – What Impact Could This Have For Fleets?