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We offer a detailed, easy to use telematics offering with all our vehicles to help customers manage their fleet more efficiently and effectively.

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Total control of your fleet anytime, anywhere

Telematics is a crucial part of any fast-growing fleet. Our sophisticated telematics offering allows you to analyse your fleet in detail, ensuring that it is operating at maximum efficiency. From analysing vehicle trips and driver behaviour, through to planning ahead for servicing and maintenance, our telematics solution provides you with all of the data needed to increase productivity, in one centralised platform.

Discover the full power of your fleet

A Centralised Solution

Our telematics solution provides all your fleet data in one place in a simple but effective format.

Become More Cost-Effective

The ability to analyse and monitor your fleet’s trips and run times will allow you to identify areas in your operations that can be improved.

Improve Vehicle and Driver Security

Our telematics system gives you the power locate your vehicles and drivers at any time of the day and be alerted to any problems the driver may be experiencing.

Customisable to Suit Your Needs

Our sophisticated telematics platform can be tailored to suit your specific fleet requirements, giving you total control over your fleet.

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