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Helping Build the Foundations for Tom Willoughby’s Electric Van Transition

Supporting growth since 2015

Tom Willoughby was formed back in 1896 and is one of the most successful privately owned construction companies in the Northeast. The company was acquired by the FT Group in 1994 and has grown consistently ever since, especially within the defence industry. Working in partnership with the Government’s nominated contractors for over 10 years, Tom Willoughby provides maintenance services and completes large scale refurbishment projects for numerous MOD sites in the Northeast, including Catterick Garrison and RAF Leaming. Its relationship with Dawsongroup began in 2015 and has gone from strength to strength ever since.

Working closely with a core team from Dawsongroup vans

“We have established a strong relationship with Dawsongroup vans over the past seven years, so I already knew that the personalised service they offer is exemplary. Going into a relatively new and unknown area such as electrifying our fleet of vans, I felt safe in Dawsongroup’s hands and knew that I could trust their opinions and guidance,”

Tim Smith-Burrows – M&E Project Manager at Tom Willoughby
Helping Build the Foundations for Tom Willoughby’s Electric Van Transition

Transition to an Electric Fleet with confidence

Like most businesses, Tom Willoughby is placing more importance on acting sustainably and looking at ways to reduce its carbon footprint. Becoming more sustainable will not only benefit Tom Willoughby, but it will also help benefit its customers in achieving their decarbonisation goals.

An integral part of their decarbonisation plan is to electrify its fleet of vans, which is when Tim Smith-Burrows, M&E Project Manager at Tom Willoughby, reached out to Laurren and Gary. Even though Tim had not personally dealt with the Dawsongroup team before, they were his first port of call when looking to source an electric van solution.

Finding what works easily and efficiently

What's next?

We are excited to be play a key part in Tom Willoughby’s journey to reduce its carbon footprint and cannot wait to see how we can continue to support them in the future. For Tom Willoughby, and most van operators, it is no longer a case of if they should adopt electric vans, but instead a case of when and how to best navigate this transition.

If like Tom Willoughby you are navigating your journey to an electric, cleaner fleet, get in touch with our experts today to see how we can assist you in your transition to electric vans. Visit Tom Willoughby for all your construction needs and find out how our Smarter Asset Strategy can offer your business the flexibility and scalability to futureproof operations.

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